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Customer Reviews

“IPG did a fantastic job of installing our solar energy system. They were fast, professional and, best of all, they knew what they were doing. They gladly worked with us to design a roof system that meets our needs AND looks good on our house. I would highly recommend IPG to anyone interested in solar energy.”

- Carolyn Wright

“I was in a pinch with an electrical project – IPG pulled a permit, completed the job and passed inspection within timeframe that was unbelievable!!! They dropped everything as if I was the only client that mattered and the cost was fair and reasonable! I can’t wait to hire them again!! Thanks Guys 5 Star Performance!”

- Mike Muglia

“Had a fantastic experience with this company! Their bid came in massively under the other bids we got, they showed up when they said they would and got our service upgrade done cleanly, in a day. No surprises here, just pleasant professional electricians doing good work, for a fair price.”

- LeAnna McDougall

“Needed a new electrical panel put in quickly so we would not be out of power for very long in the summer. They had everything ready and lined up and got everything done with no problems, even was able to use there truck generator to run refrigerator to keep items cold. Great job!”

- Jerrmee Beal

“Independent Power Generation is a very professional and thorough solar contractor. They do their homework, show up on time and work hard to get the job done correctly.”

- Gary Ingram

“Used them to put in a secondary electrical panel. Great guys! Showed up as promised and got the work done quickly. Did a very nice clean, professional job.”

- Steve McDougall

“Tyler and Jake at Independent Power Generation, responded immediately as my roofers were on the roof reroofing and had to stop because the solar company who was supposed to take the panels off and reinstall after new roof, did not show. Their response was immediate, they heard my predicament and could have charged me a lot but instead, their prices were extremely fair, and they were so friendly, helpful and reliable.

They came back on their own time to show us how to use the solar app, registered our solar online (the install company should have done this but didn’t) And they showed us how to analyze our solar Avista bill. I wish they would have been the original company who installed our solar because Independant Pwer Generation customer service is impeccable. I love that they both served in the Navy together and they are local, personable, and care about me as a customer. Wow, I have not seen customer service like this in such a long time!”

- Smarket Property Management, LLC

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