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Solar Generator Installation in Spokane, WA

Our team can help you install a home generator to provide backup power in the case of a power outage. Although you can easily light a few candles or use a flashlight, such sources of light are typically weak and cannot power your appliances or keep your home cool. Also, you should never leave candles burning overnight, because doing so can quickly lead to a dangerous situation.
We offer top-of-the-line generators, but we can also help you find the best affordable alternatives. Call us today!

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About The Company

At Independent Power Generation, we are enthusiastic about solar energy and all that it can do for the environment and for you. Our goal is to provide residents of Spokane and the surrounding areas with a renewable energy source. We provide a wide variety of solar system services you can rely on for both residential and commercial buildings.
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Tyler and Jacob, the founders of Independent Power Generation in Spokane, WA, are involved in all customer projects. In addition to receiving assistance from our fantastic team, you will also benefit from Tyler and Jacob’s extensive industry experience. We stand behind the products we provide and the quality of our work.
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What a Generator Can Do For You

Even though you probably rely on electricity in almost every aspect of your daily life, it can be unreliable because of bad weather and natural disasters. A power outage can be extremely inconvenient, causing your home or business to not be able to function. Because of this, we offer generator installation services in the Spokane area to both residential and commercial customers. Independent Power Generation’s team will help you in getting a generator in preparation for storms or power outages.

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We'll Help You in Finding a Generator That Won't Waste Your Money

Are you thinking about buying a generator for your property? Generators are a great way to keep power during a power outage and provide electricity to areas without electrical service. But, there is a wide range of generators in the market and you need to make sure you choose one based on your specific needs. There are a lot of things you need to consider when buying a generator and wattage is the first factor to consider. We will help you calculate the wattage of everything you want to power with your generator, whether during a power outage or in an area with restricted or no access to electricity. This deep analysis will help us determine the size of the generator you need. This way, you will avoid overpaying for a generator by determining exactly what you need. Get in touch with us today!
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We Will Help you find the ideal power generator for your Home

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Solar generators differ in size and the amount of electricity they provide. Your top focus should be finding a generator that meets all of your criteria, including being simple to operate, low maintenance, and long-lasting. Identifying the top devices and appliances that must continue to operate during a power loss will help you determine the size of the generator needed.

Obviously, the more power and the longer the generator can produce that electricity, the better it is. Not sure which generator is the best for your home? Don’t worry, we are here to help. We offer the best home generators in Spokane, WA. Give us a call today, and our team of experts will help you in choosing the best power generator for your specific needs.

Generator Installation Services

Power outages can happen at any moment and without warning, especially during a storm. A power outage is not only inconvenient, but it can also result in a loss of productivity that you might not be able to handle. If you cannot handle hours or days without electricity, you should think about getting a backup generator for your home.
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By choosing us as your solar generator contractor, you can be confident that you will not just receive the highest quality product on the market. In fact, you will pay the lowest possible price. We also offer repair and generator maintenance in Spokane, WA as well as consultation and recommendations for solar systems and generator parts.

Our Previous Work

Take a look at the work we did in the past and if you would like to work with us, call us or fill out the form on our website and tell us more about your project.
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Customer Reviews

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IPG did a fantastic job of installing our solar energy system. They were fast, professional and, best of all, they knew what they were doing. They gladly worked with us to design a roof system that meets our needs AND looks good on our house. I would highly recommend IPG to anyone interested in solar energy.”
– Carolyn Wright
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“I was in a pinch with an electrical project – IPG pulled a permit, completed the job and passed inspection within timeframe that was unbelievable!!! They dropped everything as if I was the only client that mattered and the cost was fair and reasonable! I can’t wait to hire them again!! Thanks Guys 5 Star Performance!”
– Mike Muglia
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Generator Repair and Maintenance

Similar to the car you drive on a daily basis, generators will require regular maintenance and repairs. Even if all of the components in your generator are of the best possible quality, it is still possible that it will require maintenance and repairs at some point.

If you’re in the Spokane area and need repairs for your residential or company’s generator, Independent Power Generation is here to help. It’s always a good idea to have a reliable backup power source. Our dedicated generator repair team will do everything to get your generator up and running as soon as possible.

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We know that you will have many questions if you decide to purchase solar energy devices and systems. Don’t worry; we’re here to help. You can call us and ask your questions immediately. Our team will be happy to help you.


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